• 1 Standard and custom cables for any kind of application
    BriTec is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial cables for electronic field. We offer products from catalog or customized products based on Customer specifications.
  • 2 Display available in multiple sizes
    A wide range of display from 2" up to 50", alphanumeric, graphic monochrome or color, LED or CCFL backlighting for industrial, civil and digital signage applications.
  • 3 Industrial PCs, embedded systems and boards
    BriTec is a supplier of industrial PCs, embedded systems, boards and all-in-one solutions. Each product can be easily configured according to specific Customer requirements.
  • 4 Touch-Screen solutions
    BriTec offers 4-5 wire resistive or capacitive Touch-Screen available in any size. We can also provide custom Touch-Screen products satisfying any customer need.
  • 5 Complete solutions on Customer requirements
    BriTec provides all the electronic and mechanical components for the design and development of products and solutions that meet any Customer requirement.
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