BriTec provides PCBs for RF & MICROWAVES applications, of which lead time and quality are important, even for small quantity.

We have equvalent material of famous brands already approved by our customers in Broadcasting and Medical applications:

  • FJY220A : PTFE+FIBERGLASS –> excellent dielectric and PIM performance.
  • PJY245A : POLYPROPILENE RESIN –> ultra low df and low cost.
  • FJY-TC350A : PTFE+FIBERGLASS+CERAMICS FILLED –> enanched Thermal conductivity.
  • S7136H : GLASS-REINFORCED HYDROCARBON AND CERAMIC DIELECTRIC –> excellent high frequency performance, stablke electrical properties, low Z-axis expansion.
  • BTM-1/2 : TEFLON WOVEN GLASS FABRIC WITH CERAMIC FILLER COPPER-CLAD LAMINATES –> improved heat dissipation and smaller thermal expansion.